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The Honda Indy Toronto is the largest sporting event in Ontario each year, and one of the largest in Canada. Nelson is making the push back into the North American market, and looking to have his first race in Canada in over 14 years. 

The IndyCar Series is the top professional racing championship in North America, and Mason looks to add his name to the list of winners. First thing first, he must get there. The push to grow partnerships and hit the ground running for the July 13 race weekend is in full swing. Motorsports continues to have the most brand loyal fans of any sport, providing amazing ROI and thrilling experiences for partners and their corporate families.

The Indy Lights car is a 500 HP rocket ship, huge wings and huge tires, a turbocharged 2.0L powerplant, carbon monocoque, and capable of over 4 G's of cornering and braking force. The Championship is a hyper competitive, professional feeder into IndyCar, producing 2/3rd's of the current IndyCar grid.

The race will be shown live on NBC and SportsNet, as well as YouTube and Facebook. Get your tickets or watch from afar, Mason and the streets of Toronto go live, July 11-13th, 2018. Stay tuned for all the details.

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